CHOIS Connection–The Magazine

In December 2003, we began publishing our very own statewide magazine for home educators called CHOIS Connection. This quarterly publication includes articles from nationally recognized authors, as well as regularly featured Idaho writers. Our regular columnists are as follows:


Linda Patchin

The CHOIS Tidbits column is written by the CHOIS Connection Editor, and chairman of the CHOIS Board of Directors, Linda Patchin. A tidbit is defined as a choice or pleasing bit of anything. This column includes the tidbits of wisdom gleaned from Linda’s twenty-two year career as a homeschooling mother of four children from birth through high school. Linda resides in Boise with her husband, Paul. She currently spends her time working as a homeschool consultant, and tutor for homeschooled children. She loves feedback, so please email her at Linda@chois.org


Copper Webb

When asked as a little girl what she wanted to be when she grew up, Copper would answer, “A homeschooling mommy.” Until she reached that season of life, Copper used her love for teaching in schools, churches and on ski hills. Now, with a fabulous husband, Mike, of 12 years, and four beautiful children, Copper is thrilled to have landed her dream job as a second-generation Idaho homeschooler. She occasionally blogs with a toddler on her lap at www.copperwebb.com. Mike and Copper Webb are CHOIS Board members, endeavoring to encourage and equip young families who are establishing their own homeschools.


Amy Vassar

Amy Vassar is a homeschool graduate, homeschool mom, and college professor. After graduating from high school in 1999, she attended College of Idaho where she earned a B.A. in Spanish, M.A. in Teaching and Idaho Teaching Certificate. She embarked on a teaching career, which led through elementary ESL, high school Spanish, and online teaching before arriving at her dream job of teaching at a community college. Today she teaches Spanish at College of Western Idaho and is active in initiatives for improving online and hybrid instruction at the college. Amy’s husband, Paul, is a business owner. They have four children ranging in age from eighteen to two.


Daniel Bobinski

Daniel Bobinski is a homeschooling dad, a workplace training consultant, and Director at Family Experience, LLC. A Certified Behavioral Analyst and a Certified Motivational Analyst. Daniel thoroughly loves helping people learn how to connect more deeply with their family and with God. Daniel is the author of numerous books, including Become a Student of Your Students, co-authored with his wife, Jeralynne. He has been interviewed by FOX News, CNN Money and of all things, ESPN Radio.


Barry Peters

There is no more homeschool-friendly place on this earth.  While it is a great privilege to raise our families here in Idaho, it has made home educators a tempting target for those who believe “it takes a village to raise a child.”  In his irregular commentary, Barry Peters offers up perspectives pointing out the challenges and assaults we face and describing the most effective ways to counter them.   Barry’s children were both entirely home educated until college.  He and his wife of 40 years enjoy life and leisurely walks in the rural areas of Eagle.  Having cultivated that rare commodity of a life with margin, Barry enjoys bird watching, downhill skiing with homeschool friends, and reading voraciously.   But only when he’s not enjoying his law practice in Eagle in the areas of Wills, Trusts, Probate, and Real Estate Contracts.


Res’s Piece

“It’s ours to lose” is the clarion call of this column.  Much like the varied colors of  Reese’s Pieces, this collection of political and cultural insights is aimed at protecting our home schooling freedom in Idaho.  From walking wisely in your own neighborhood to keeping your eye on the Capitol, the ICHE State Testing Director promotes credibility and responsiveness.  Borne of 26 years of experience in building relationships, this column will encourage you to guard this precious treasure, your liberty, won at great cost.


Connie Seward

The CHOIS Discovering Idaho column featuring family field trip gems, is written by Connie Seward, who resides in Boise with her husband Quentin. Believing that learning should not be confined to books because the acquirement of knowledge is fostered by engaging interactions in real life experiences, they have enhanced their children’s home-education experience with many active explorations. Though their grown children now range from post-collegiate to budding entrepreneur, Connie continues to share ideas on the endless valuable possibilities Idaho offers for learning adventures that will complement your curriculum.


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