Idaho Law

Idaho Law

Revisions made to Idaho’s compulsory school law in 2009 allow home schooling families in Idaho to enjoy greater liberties than are available in any other state.

Idaho law requires only that parents who choose to teach their children at home provide instruction in subjects commonly and usually taught in the public schools of Idaho. As compared to the laws in the rest of the nation, Idaho’s provide tremendous freedoms.

Our statutes do not define the precise subject materials that must be taught to home schooled students each year. Nor do they specify how many hours per day or days per year the student must be instructed. That is all left to the discretion of the parents as they decide how to design their child’s program. This permits the parents to teach to their student’s natural curiosity and to advance each child as he or she masters each component of the subject matter.

Students between the ages of seven (7) and sixteen (16) years of age are required to receive an education. Prior to a child’s seventh birthday and after a child’s sixteenth birthday, instruction is permissive rather than mandatory.

Although home schooled students are not required to take standardized tests, ICHE encourages parents to routinely test their children to insure that educational progress is being made and to spot areas of weakness within the body of knowledge that has been mastered by the student. ICHE offers the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills and Iowa Tests of Educational Development to all privately home schooled students in the state on a voluntary basis.

Home educated students in Idaho also have an option to dually-enroll in selected public school courses or programs.  This may include academic classes, sports programs, band, and orchestra opportunities. This provides an additional opportunity for parents to enrich their student’s experience if so desired.

All in all, families who teach their children at home in Idaho have been given the high honor of doing so with only minimal amounts of government oversight.

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