Opening a Time Capsule

Opening a Time Capsule

Opening a Time Capsule

By Linda Patchin

This weekend I opened a time capsule in the form of a Phil Donahue interview with John Holt that was recorded in 1981. Phil’s guests also included two pioneer homeschooling families. The audience was quite hostile to the idea of moms teaching their own children, and Phil repeatedly stated that he did not think that this homeschooling thing would ever take off.

Here is the link to the video if you’d like to view it too.

There are many things that one could learn from watching this episode. One of the things that struck me the most was how the arguments against home education have not really changed all that much in thirty years, though thankfully there is a wider acceptance of homeschooling.

Today, there are homeschoolers in other nations who are experiencing persecution and prosecution. It is my prayer that one day soon they will experience the same freedom to educate their children that we enjoy in America.

The Romeike family fled their native Germany, and was given asylum in the United States. Their status has been challenged and within the next two weeks the US Supreme Court will decide whether or not they will hear their appeal. Please join me in praying for Mike Farris as he prepares to defend them. Please pray for this precious family whom I had the privilege of meeting in September. Please pray for families across the world who are bravely standing up to the attitudes and actions of hostile governments.


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