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A New Season of Service

A New Season of Service     by Niccole Perrine Do you ever find your schedule monotonous? Not bored from inactivity, but perhaps finding yourself eager for something different? Some change to shake things up a bit? 

My own restlessness often has to do with the changing of the seasons. A fresh wind blows through the valley and stirs up something in my heart. I suddenly find myself craving something new. Whatever the case, I find change adds a certain zest

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Cultivating a Lifestyle of Service

Time and Chance: Cultivating a Lifestyle of Service   By Niccole Perrine   I was sitting at the table with our family calendar. Steam rose from my coffee. The bitter aroma brought a sweet calm to my heart. The kids were playing outside, enjoying a mild winter afternoon.   Homeschooling. Church. Troop nights. Violin. Bible study. The list went on and our schedule for the month seemed to take on it’s own high-maintenance personality as I penned each event. 

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