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Practical Ideas for Getting More Organized

I Know It’s Here… Somewhere…. Practical Ideas for Getting More Organized by Vicki Bentley   Although homeschool parents have tasks common to most moms and dads, we also have challenges unique to the 24/7 proximity of our families, the amount of time we may spend in the car (van?) on field trips, and the often-overwhelming amount of paperwork and other “stuff” generated by a houseful of children. Here are a few ideas that homeschooling parents may find helpful:   Set up a

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How to Get Dinner on the Table the Same Day You Homeschool

How to Get Dinner on the Table the SAME DAY You Homeschool   By Vicki Bentley   A recent survey of National Merit scholars of the past 20 years revealed that one common denominator, without exception, was that they came from households who made family dinnertime (as in, all at the table at the same time!) a priority, even if just a three nights a week. “But,” you think, “our family is pulled in so many directions—how can we all

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The Most Important Question

The Most Important Question by Cheri Reiswig September has faded and October is here, We are now in the rhythm of a new school year. Books line shelves, prepared lessons lie in store, Much time was spent filing and sorting and planning galore. “She’s good in phonics, but not so in math, He’s already bent toward a scientific path.” “This one’s a scholar, this one’s not, Because everything from last year he’s already forgot.” Schedules and Worksheets and Tables and Rules, Planners and Flash Cards and

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