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Lunch Ideas for Busy Homeschooling Families

Lunches for Homeschooling Families Looking to break out of the (mac & cheese) box? We asked our community of Idaho homeschool mommas to share their go-to lunches for busy home educating families. Here’s what they recommended: Hot Lunches   Grilled cheese sandwiches with bacon Mini pizzas on english muffins or bagels Hot ham or roast beef sandwiches Fried Egg Sandwiches Baked potatoes V8, warmed as soup (add Italian seasonings and sprinkle parmesan on top) Pasta with jarred marinara sauce or pesto

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Audio Homeschooling

Audio Homeschooling! by Heidi Forney   There are times with our typical kids that audio books come in handy. In the car, at nap time, definitely. But with our special needs children audio books can not only be a great tool for learning, but in many ways a lifesaver (or maybe a homeschool saver)? For example, some autistic children have a need to hear the same book over and over. Repetition is one way that they not only learn, but

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Save Money on Printer Ink

  Help! I’m out of Ink! How I Save Money on Printer Ink by Mary Colwell   We homeschoolers spend a lot of money on printing, don’t we? Between kindergarten work sheets, instruction manuals, pictures, coloring pages, and tests, our printers can end up spitting out quite a bit of paper. The thing is: all that ink for all that printing can end up costing an arm and a leg. There have been many times when I have thought it

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