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Prayer Journaling for Teens

Teens—A Rich Way to Record 2017 (Prayer Journaling)   As we settle into 2017 with goal lists and good intentions, we already have stacks of memories and most of us enjoy reviewing them at the end of the year. Instagram, blogs, diaries, scrapbooks and bullet journals all

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The Ultimate Homeschooler’s Guide to Board Games

The Ultimate Homeschooler’s Guide to Board Games (Organized by Subject!)   by Kathleen Bretton   This post contains affiliate links. CHOIS may earn a small commission from links. Your purchase enables CHOIS to continue to inspire, promote, and protect home education in Idaho.   What makes a quality

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Studying Outside the Box

  by Abigail Prigge   The classroom setting. It’s a necessary thing, but do you ever shake it up? Would you judge me if I told you I’ve done schoolwork on the couch, or *gasp* in my bed first thing in the morning?   Kitchen tables and

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Memorizing Scripture? It’s Not Just for Little Kids

  Memorizing Scripture? It’s Not Just for Little Kids by Abigail Prigge   “I used to think that memorizing Scripture was just for little kids. It’s not. It’s for big kids.”   I smiled when my when my friend gave me this simple yet profound statement. Who

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Teens, Three Ways to Bless this Christmas Season

Teens! Three Ways to Bless this Christmas Season   by Abigail Prigge   The pie and turkey have just barely disappeared and my 5-year-old sister has Christmas on her mind full throttle. In spite of her meager budget, she has asked me at least three times what’s

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Ten Reasons to Homeschool through High School

Why Homeschool through High School? by Elizabeth Smith   When our children reach the high school years, we begin to question whether homeschooling can really provide them with what they need—spiritually, socially, and academically. But homeschooling is effective in high school for the same reasons it is effective

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