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Studying Outside the Box

  by Abigail Prigge   The classroom setting. It’s a necessary thing, but do you ever shake it up? Would you judge me if I told you I’ve done schoolwork on the couch, or *gasp* in my bed first thing in the morning?   Kitchen tables and

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When in Doubt, Minimize!

When in Doubt, Minimize!     by Mary Colwell   When I was a child my grandfather used to say, “When in doubt, throw it out!”   My Grandfather liked an orderly workplace, and he didn’t like things that weren’t useful. I didn’t really understand the importance of

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Corral Clutter in a Shoe Bag

Corral Homeschool Clutter in a Shoe Bag by Copper Webb   Our homeschool has young students, and we do a lot of hands-on activities throughout the day. Unfortunately, hands-on activities require things for students to put in their hands. Art supplies, math manipulatives, game pieces, craft materials, writing utensils, the

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Practical Ideas for Getting More Organized

I Know It’s Here… Somewhere…. Practical Ideas for Getting More Organized by Vicki Bentley   Although homeschool parents have tasks common to most moms and dads, we also have challenges unique to the 24/7 proximity of our families, the amount of time we may spend in the car

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DIY Book Nook

  DIY Book Nook By Elizabeth Thompson   We are a family of 5 living in 1008 square feet. Living (and homeschooling) with limited space can require some creativity! I enjoy the challenge of packing function and fun into small spaces. One such project was transforming our hall

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