Common Core FAQ’s Part 5

Common Core FAQ's Part 5

Common Core FAQ’s Part 5

Question #5: Does the Common Core provide for individualized education?

Answer: The Department of Education has praised the Common Core for its focus on “computer adaptive testing” to supply teachers with data so that they can adjust their teaching styles and provide their students with individualized instruction.4 But in practice, the Common Core’s rigid and technology-laden approach to learning makes individualized education almost impossible.

The Common Core standards require students to master a checklist of skills every year.5 Teachers all across the country must teach from the same prescribed list and at the same prescribed pace. This one-size-fits-all approach will supposedly make children “college- and career-ready,” but will it produce young men and women capable of careers that call for independent analysis and creative problem solving?

4. Arne Duncan, “Beyond the Bubble Tests: The Next Generation of Assessments.” Department of Education, September 2, 2010, accessed June 11, 2013,

5. States may supplement the entirety of the Common Core with 15% of their own standards.


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