Common Core FAQ’s Part 9

Common Core FAQ's Part 9

Common Core FAQ’s Part 9

Question #9: Does it matter that testing is being aligned with the Common Core?

Answer: Proponents of the Common Core, including U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, emphasize the need to imitate some countries with high-ranking education systems by creating consistent assessments across the country that measure student progress through open-ended and research-based questions.14 This has spurred the federal government to fund a set of nationalized tests aligned with the Common Core. Two consortia of states—PARCC and SBAC—received $170 million and $160 million from the Department of Education to craft standardized assessments. Additionally, both the SAT and the GED will be redesigned to fully implement the Common Core, and the latest version of the Iowa Test of Basic Skills is based on the Common Core.15 Combined, the new assessments and revised tests will create de facto national testing.

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