Convention FAQs

Convention FAQ’s


This page provides answers to the questions that are most commonly asked about the Idaho Homeschool Convention. Topics are listed alphabetically. Click on any topic in the list below to read the questions and answers pertaining to that topic, or scroll down to read through all of the FAQs.



Q: Can I bring my children to the convention?

A: Children may attend the convention with their parents. Children must remain with their parents at all times. Children are welcome in most of the adult workshop sessions provided they are not disruptive and they are accompanied by a parent or responsible adult. In smaller workshop rooms we ask that they not take the seat of an adult.  Children 5-11 may also enroll in our Children’s Program if space is available. Idaho is part of a shrinking minority around the country in extending this option. Please be respectful of the property and staff since they have been so gracious in allowing us to continue this practice.

Q: What is there for teens to do at the convention?

A: We are pleased to offer a two-day Teen Program at the convention for homeschooled students age 12-18. Details can be found on the TEEN PROGRAM page. We ask that teens conduct themselves as well-mannered young men and women at all times.


Q: What do you do with the information from the completed surveys?

A: We use this information to help us make future conventions an even better experience for those in attendance. We also compile statistical information from certain questions.

Q: What do I do with my completed survey?

A: There will be a basket near the registration counter for completed surveys starting Saturday afternoon.


Q: Can I pass out fliers about my business, group, organization, club, church, etc.?

A: No. The distribution of materials at the convention is prohibited. There are three sanctioned opportunities for sharing information with convention attendees about businesses, organizations, clubs, products, services, etc. which must meet certain criteria and be approved. These three approved avenues are renting booth space, participating in the welcome bags, or purchasing ad space in the convention program. There is an application/contract process and fees associated with each of these three options. We do not allow people to hand out fliers, brochures, business cards, or other materials outside of one of these avenues out of fairness to those who have paid for these opportunities. Any fliers, brochures, cards, catalogs, etc. found on tables, in public areas outside booth space, in restrooms, etc. will be picked up and discarded.

Q: How do I find out about booth space, welcome bags, or advertising in the convention program?

A: Click on Exhibitor Information on the Convention/Exhibit Hall tab.


Q: What types of exhibitors are permitted to have booths in the Exhibit Hall?

A: We focus on exhibitors who assist and encourage parents in their efforts to teach their own children at home. A few groups who enrich the homeschool experience are included as space allows.

Q: What hours will the exhibit hall be open?

A: The exhibit hall is open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Friday and  10:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday.

Q: Why don’t you open the exhibit hall earlier than 10:00 AM?

A: The exhibit hall opens at 10:00 am to allow everyone to hear our keynote addresses.

Q: Do I have to register for the convention if I just want to come and shop in the exhibit hall?

A: No, we offer an exhibit-hall-only pass on Saturday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.


Q: Where can I purchase food?

A: Food is available for purchase from on-site concessions during convention hours for your convenience. In addition, numerous fast food locations and restaurants are within driving distance. You are also welcome to bring food from home.

GRANDPARENTS (non-homeschooling)

Q: What is the admission price for grandparents?

A: We understand the importance of grandparents in the homeschool process. Non-homeschooling grandparents are always free if they come with their adult children who are registered for the convention. Grandparents who are still homeschooling one or more children of their own must register separately and pay the full admission fee.


Q: Must we pre-register to get this free-admission offer?

A: Yes! All at-the-door registrations are at full price.

Q: Are there restrictions on this offer?

A: Yes, to be eligible to receive this offer, parents must be first-time attendees at the CHOIS convention, and their oldest child must be under five years of age.

Q: Why do you offer this?

A: We want to reach families before they make education decisions for their children. We see this as a positive way to expand and share the vision of home education.

Q: Do many parents of preschoolers take advantage of this offer?

A: Yes! We are pleased that so many have accepted our invitation to learn more about home education.

Q: Do you have special workshops for preschool parents?

Q: Yes! We try to offer at least one workshop each year specifically for preschool parents. Visit our workshop descriptions page for more info.


Q: What is the purpose of the name badges?

A: Your name badge is your admission for both days to all areas of the convention including speaker sessions, workshops, and the exhibit hall. Your name badge must be worn at all times. If you have children enrolled in our Children’s Program, your nametag must match the registration info of your children when you check them in and out of the program.

Q: What do I do if I forget or lose my name badge?

A: A replacement name badge may be purchased at the registration counter in the lobby for a fee. Our on-site registration coordinator will verify registration for the convention before issuing a replacement name badge.

Q: Can I share my name badge with someone?

A: No. Name badges cannot be shared or transferred to anyone else.


Q: I’d like to invite my pastor to attend the convention. How does he/she register?

A: We invite homeschooling pastors to attend the convention free of charge as a means to share the vision of home education and to build strong relationships with churches. This offer is also extended to pastors who do not teach their own children at home currently, but are interested in learning more about homeschooling. Registration by May 20, 2018 is required for free admission for pastors. Please have your pastor register using a downloaded print copy registration form and a request for the pastor admission written on church letterhead.


Q: I have pre-registered for the convention, but I am unable to attend. Can I get a refund?

A: Our policy, as published in our promotional materials and on our website, is that all convention fees are non-refundable.

Q: Can I give my name tag to a friend to use if I cannot attend?

A: Unfortunately, no. Registration is non-transferrable.


Q: How do I register to attend the convention?

A: You may either register online or by downloading a print version of our registration form and mailing it with a check. Visit the REGISTRATION TAB for information and to register your family for the convention. All early discount convention registrations must be completed no later than May 20, 2018. All children wishing to enroll in the Children’s program must be pre-registered, there is no at-the-door registration for children.  Our children’s program fills up quickly so do not delay in registering children!

Q: How do I register after May 20, 2018?

A: After May 20th, you may register at the Used Curriculum Sale on Thursday, May 31st, at the Johnson Sports Center on the NNU campus from 10-1, for our pre-registration price, or you may register at the door on Friday or Saturday.

Q: What time does on-site registration begin?

A: Registration opens at 8:00 am both Friday and Saturday.

Q: What is the admission price at the door?

A: $60 for a couple. There is not at-the-door registration for children.

Q: If my husband/wife cannot attend with me, can I bring a friend?

A: You may bring a friend, however, they will have to pay the full convention admission fee. We give free spouse admission to encourage couples to attend together. This is because we see the importance of couples to be “of one mind” in their education decisions. We do not have any other group discounts.

Q: Is there a discount if my spouse cannot attend with me?

A: No. As described in the previous question we give free spouse admission to encourage couples to attend together. We do not offer a discount if the spouse is unable to attend.

Q: Is there a discount if I can only attend one day?

A: No. We have one price which includes either day or both days. Our fee is quite reasonable even if you are only able to attend one day.

Q: If I pre-register, where do I check in when I arrive at the Convention Center?

A: We will start our day at the Brandt Center on the NNU Campus. There will be special pre-registration check-in lines for those who took advantage of early registration. A volunteer at the pre-registration table will give you your name badge along with a convention program and a welcome bag.


Q: What time does the FREE Used Curriculum Sale begin?

A: The doors open at 10:00 am sharp. A line of buyers usually begins to form prior to that time. Click here to read more information on shopping at the Used Curriculum Sale.

Q: How can I reserve a table to sell products?

A: Click on Used Curriculum Sale on the Convention tab and at the top of the page there is a link to the Seller Application. All of our tables usually sell-out at least a month before the sale, so do not hesitate to get your application in. If there is no application on the page when you go there, it means that all of the tables have been reserved.

Q: Why can’t I put things on the floor?

A: The city of Nampa fire code will not allow us to have merchandise in the aisles or on the floor.

Q: What time does the FREE Used Curriculum Sale end?

A: The sale is from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Q: How much stuff will fit on a table?

A: The tables are plastic, and there is a limit to the amount of weight that they can  hold. Feel free to bring lightweight bookshelving to stack books if you’d like to, but be aware of how much weight a table can bear, understanding that they do collapse if overloaded. We recommend that you draw out a 6 foot by 2 foot space, and then judge for yourself how much that space can display appropriately. You can always reserve more than one table!

Q: Can I display items underneath my table?

A: No. The fire marshal requires that we have clear aisles, and part of that includes buyers not creating hazards by bending low to look at items on the floor.

Q: Can I bring a stroller and/or cart?

A: Yes! Please be considerate of the mobility needs of others, keeping aisles reasonably clear and so forth, but yes, they are welcome.

Q: Can I bring my children?

A: Yes, but please do not leave them unattended. We are guests at this facility.

Q: Can I sell food from my table?

A: No. There will be a concession stand on the first floor of the Johnson Sports Center where food may be purchased. It is managed as a CHOIS fundraiser, and the proceeds help to make events like this sale possible.


Q: Why are volunteers important at the convention?

A: Our convention is run entirely by volunteers, from the directors to the registration staff to the workshop hosts. Our volunteer workers help keep costs to a minimum while continuing to provide an excellent conference.

Q: What do volunteers do at the convention?

A: We are looking for mature, responsible, reliable adults to volunteer in a variety of positions at our convention including booth hosts for speakers, workshop hosts, and registration volunteers.

Q: How do I sign up to serve as a volunteer?

A: Instructions can be found on the VOLUNTEERS TAB.

Q: Where do I check in when it’s my turn to volunteer and how early do I need to check in?

A: When you arrive at the Convention, go to Volunteer Check-In near the registration counter in the lobby of the Brandt Center to receive instructions from our volunteer coordinator.

Q: If I am volunteering for an exhibitor in their booth, can I get free admission too?

A: Exhibitors recruit their own volunteers. This is separate from volunteering for CHOIS. Each exhibitor receives a set number of name badges for each booth space they rent and they must pay the registration fee for any name badges beyond the ones they receive with their booth. If you are volunteering for an exhibitor in their booth you will need to register for the convention and pay the registration fee.


Q: How do I purchase recordings of workshops?

A: Downloads of speaker workshops may be purchased at the convention at the CHOIS booth in the exhibit hall in the Johnson Sports Center or directly from your mobile device at

Q: Can I purchase workshop recordings after the convention?

A: Recordings may also be purchased after the convention through




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