Silent Auction General Information

CHOIS has been blessed over the years with many wonderful Silent Auction donations. Once we have received a donation, we create a bid sheet for it. The bid sheet lists the full price of the item, and lists a starting bid. A guaranteed bid price is also listed, where someone could pay more than the listed value and stop all bidding at that moment. Items are displayed in a prominent location at the convention with a bid sheet beside them.  Our convention attendees begin placing their bids at the opening of the convention by writing their name on the bid sheet, with the amount they are willing to bid.

If someone comes along who would also like to bid on the item, they write their name underneath the prior bidder, along with their bid, which must be at least a dollar higher.  Bidding continues throughout the first day of the convention and for half of the second. At exactly 1:25 pm on the second day of the convention all bidding ceases. A whistle is blown, all bidders must drop their pens and step back from the tables, and the bid sheets are removed.

Our Silent Auction volunteers set to work grouping high bidders with the products they have won. They also add Idaho’s sales tax to the total amount owed. Once their work is completed, the items may be paid for and picked up.

We make every effort to list all of our donors on this website, along with their web addresses. Some donations do not come in until the convention has begun, and so we apologize if they do not get listed. We appreciate all of our donors very much, and we hope that the home educating families of Idaho will thank them by giving them business all year long.


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