Beth Mora

Beth Mora

2018 CHOIS Convention Featured Speaker


Here to Help Learning

Beth Mora is a veteran homeschool mom, author, and speaker who lives in southern Washington with her wonderful husband. She is the creator of Here to Help Learning that offers filmed writing instruction for grades 1-6. that includes a special needs forum for moms to share ideas about home education. You can find her at Here to Help Learning’s Home to Home blog, dating her husband, kayaking, deck farming, or spending time with her eight grown children and her granddaughter.

The Science of Learning and How it Should Change What You Do On Monday 

God has hard-wired us to learn, and the science behind His masterful plan will strengthen your resolve to help your child blaze new neural pathways. Come and get the inside scoop of how the lightbulb of learning goes on, and more importantly, how you can increase “ah ha” moments on Monday. Join Beth Mora, author, blogger, and former Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse in discovering that the new revelations in science are rooted in God’s words of wisdom. This information is perfect for all types of learners including gifted and those with special needs.

Educational Life Hacks for Students With Dyslexia, Dysgraphia or Dyspraxia

Does your student have one of these “Triple D” neurologically based learning challenges that affects reading, handwriting, spelling, composition, and sometimes math? You may have the diagnosis and understand what is happening in your child’s brain, but the question remains, how do I teach my child? Beth Mora will present educational life hacks that will help your student thrive in all subjects areas.

Keeping Your “SmartCookie” Challenged

Is your second grader building a fusion reactor in your backyard or calculating rates of speed and velocity? Forrest and Beth Mora’s daughter, SmartCookie #1 received her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in three short years at 21 years of age and is a state certified teacher. Their son, SmartCookie #2 and twin to #1, received a 104% in Calculus 2 in his senior year of high school and reads C++ programming textbooks for enjoyment. Join Beth Mora as she travels back through time to when their “Smartcookies” were in their elementary years. Beth candidly shares her journey home educating her two academically advanced children and learn how she kept the wheels of opportunity turning. She will also share the results of an interview she did with each of her “smartcookies” who are now adults. Learn what worked and what didn’t. If you have a “Smartcookie”, you won’t want to miss this unique perspective.

So Smart But He Can’t Find His Shoes

Why can my academically gifted student calculate geometric ratios but he can’t find his shoes? If can be baffling, can’t it? One moment you’re conversing with your gifted student about the latest research on genetics and the next moment he’s arguing with you that his Superman cape can sustain flight because it has super powers. Gifted children often experience what’s called “asynchronous development,” or out of sync development. How do you meet the developmental and academic needs of a gifted learner? Not an easy answer but one that Beth Mora will address in detail from experience with her two academically gifted kids.

Finding Pieces to the Puzzle: How to develop an educational plan for your student with dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADHD, and other special needs.

Beth Mora brings her background as a case manager, and certified rehabilitation registered nurse  (C.R.R.N.) to this session. She is a student of her patients and has learned a great deal from the families she has served. In this workshop, Beth will introduce the S.O.A.P. method to help you develop an educational plan for your child with special needs and help you locate that missing puzzle piece. Plan to leave this workshop feeling strengthened and empowered to continue your special needs journey.

The Road to Homeschool Co-op Utopia

Are we there yet? Homeschool Co-op Utopia is a place where community, learning, and great memories live. However, the road to a great co-op experience is not without ups and downs or unexpected turns. A well-organized co-op can make all the difference between success and an “I’ll never do that again” road trip. Join Beth Mora, homeschool co-op leader and teacher as she shares from her years of experience and piles on an armload of resources to help you create a successful homeschool co-op. If you are in a co-op, thinking about starting a co-op, or wondering what life is like in a co-op, then this session is where you will want to take a seat and fasten your seatbelt! We are going to great places!

Committed to helping parents fulfill their God-given right and responsibility to educate their own children.