Dr Brian Ray

Dr. Brian Ray

2018 CHOIS Convention Keynote Speaker

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National Home Education Research Institute

Dr. Brian Ray is a leading international expert in research on homeschooling and president of the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI.org). He has published numerous articles and books, been repeatedly interviewed by major media, served as an expert witness in court cases, and testified to legislatures regarding educational issues. He is a former university professor and classroom teacher. He holds a Ph.D. in science education from Oregon State University. He is also a church leader. Brian and Betsy have been married 39 years and have eight grown children, all of whom where homeschooled, and they have eight grandchildren. Read the research at www.nheri.org.

The Power of Homeschool Research: What It Tells Us and How to Use It

Dr. Ray provides a brief summary of homeschool research to date and explains current projects and trends. He explains that scholarly writing and research are powerful tools used by both friends and foes of parent-led education, that they should be guided by clear goals and theory that are based on sound values, and suggests where they should be headed.

Common Challenges to and Succeeding in Home-Based Education

There are certain challenges that are common to most or all homeschool parents and their children, especially in the “early years” of home educating. And there are key considerations, pieces of philosophy, and practices that significantly enhance home educators’ success, attitudes, and joy. Dr. Ray will present to you some of the nuggets that he and his wife have gleaned from the home education of their eight children (now ages 30s to 19), and from years of research and learning from thousands of parents and families from around the world.

Freedom – What’s It Worth to You?

Is that word “freedom” for just ol’ graying hippies and revolutionary wannabes? No. It is a biblical concept and at the core of what it means to be an American and, especially, a homeschooler. Dr. Ray will answer: How’d we get our homeschool freedoms? Why should you care? Are we really free? How might we lose this liberty? What are the enemies? Risks? Is Common Core related? What about compulsory attendance laws? Parental rights? Whether your youngest child is pre-born, 7, or 18, you need to know the core principles of educational freedom and why we must strive to keep or expand that liberty. Dr. Ray has been in the practical and theoretical battle for over 30 years.

Home Educated and Now Adults: Were the Criticisms True or False?

Dr. Ray’s major study examines the lives of 7,306 adults from across the United States who were homeschooled. This study and research by others focus on adults’ general demographics, attitudes toward their own home-education experience, and success in life. Success is evaluated with respect to civic, social, educational, employment, worldview traits, performance in college, and in occupations. In many ways, they are very “normal.” On the other hand, they are remarkably different than the general U.S. population. Generally speaking, the findings of research defuse many of the long-held negative criticisms of those who doubted homeschooling’s benefits, whether practiced in the U.S. or in other nations. And the findings will
likely be a great encouragement to those parents and advocates of home-based education over the past two decades.

Why ESA-Tax-Funded Schooling is a Bad Idea

Education Savings Accounts for elementary and secondary schooling is a new tax-funded kid on the block. Even some so-called conservatives are promoting them, and “choice advocates” are promoting them. Dr. Ray will use a biblical perspective, a freedom-loving perspective, and historical research evidence to explain why ESA-tax- funded schooling is a bad idea. And Dr. Ray will challenge you and encourage you that private, parent-led, home-based education, with the volitional help of others, is the best way to execute God’s principles and expand the “education freedom space” in America.

Homeschooling Works and Increases Freedom

In spite of what logic and professional educators might tell you, homeschooling works. Even parents with only a high school education and low incomes help their children excel with home-based education. Educators and revolutionaries have talked for centuries about using state-run education to liberate people. Could it be that parent-led, home-based education is the only deep and lasting way to free individuals, communities, and nations from control (even tyranny) by the powerful in a society? Dr. Ray, one of the world’s leading homeschool researchers, makes this engaging and fact-filled presentation as he reviews research on homeschooling and documents the findings of his own multiple studies.

Committed to helping parents fulfill their God-given right and responsibility to educate their own children.