Marty Meyer

Marty Meyer

2018 CHOIS Convention Adult and Teen Featured Speaker

Marty 2013

Author, Speaker, Child of God

Marty Meyer is the founder and director of YWAM Idaho, Boise-Cascade. Marty served as an assistant pastor for eight years prior to becoming a full-time missionary through Youth With A Mission. Marty Meyer is an ordained minister through Christian Life Fellowship in Ontario, Oregon.  He is an author and international speaker. Marty resides with his wife Kelly and children in the beautiful mountains of Cascade, Idaho.

Discipling Faith in the Family

Marty Meyer will draw from his book Epic Faith to share keys for Discipling Faith in the Family.  We will learn how to establish a rock solid foundation by building our faith on the Word, Voice and Character of God.  Marty will also teach his prayer strategy used by believers around the world which can be a great tool to use in family devotions.  It’s time to step out of the boat and begin an adventure by faith!

Missions and Families

We will explore the Biblical basis for missions and how families can practically make an impact.  Missions is not a divine afterthought but the central theme through scripture.  By understanding the foundational implications of missions one can better understand the purpose for which we are created.  Join Marty for an exciting look into what God is doing around the world in our generation!


Sessions for Teens:

History Maker 101
Position: Knowing Who You Are

History Makers 101 is the first lesson in a series that explores the question, “What kind of people does God use to shape history?”  Be prepared, because the answer to that question just might be “YOU”!  The first prerequisite to being used by God as a history maker is to know your identity.  As the children of God, we will learn to crush insecurity in order live out the purpose God has for us.  We are each created for a purpose, so be a history maker and seize your destiny!

History Maker 202
Perception: Understanding Your World

History Makers have a keen perception, they understand the world they live in. Our perception is illuminated by having a biblical world view.  God’s word is our moral and spiritual compass that will set our course to change the world!  It’s time to learn to base our faith on the Word of God so that we can become the history makers that He has called us to be.

History Maker 303
Principles for Knowing God and Hearing His Voice

The great history makers of the Bible all practiced a very simple strategy, they heard God’s voice and took steps of obedience.  We likewise will learn to follow this simple biblical pattern.  We will explore scripture to identify the key ways God speaks to his children and learn how to apply the faith needed to walk in obedience.  By knowing and obeying his voice God will lead us step by step to fulfill our destiny.

Committed to helping parents fulfill their God-given right and responsibility to educate their own children.