Teen Workshop Descriptions

Teen Program Workshop Descriptions

Teen Program is in the Little Theater. Check in at the Brandt Center and teens will be escorted to the Little Theater.

Friday, June 2nd


Unleashing the Power of World History—Linda Hobar    Workshop Handout

Through abounding stories of good and evil, world history has the power to disturb our souls or inspire our hearts! Join Linda Lacour Hobar, author of The Mystery of History, for an insightful look at unleashing the power of world history to stir hearts of all ages toward the truths of the Gospel.


A Crash Course from Creation to Christ—Linda Hobar    Workshop Handout

Planning to teach ancient history? Need help integrating the Bible? Listen to Linda Lacour Hobar, author of The Mystery of History, as she takes you from Creation to the birth of Christ in about one hour – shaping Biblical and secular history into one amazing timeline with portraits of King Tut, King David, Nebuchadnezzar, Buddha, Cleopatra, and more. Like pieces of a mosaic, learn of the major events in ancient history that together portray the beautiful story of Christ revealing Himself to mankind.


Conquering the Middle Ages—Linda Hobar    Workshop Handout

From Pentecost to the printing press, listen to Linda Lacour Hobar author of The Mystery of History pull together stories to enable a better understanding of the Early Church and the tumultuous Middle Ages. Through Paul, Constantine, and Marco Polo, as well as Mohammed, William the Conqueror, and John Wycliffe, learn of the triumph and the tragedies of medieval times and how they relate to our world today. This session is designed to inspire and equip students of all ages.


Mastering the Renaissance and Reformation—Linda Hobar    Workshop Handout
Need a prep course on the Renaissance and Reformation? Listen to Linda Lacour Hobar, author of The Mystery of History, as she introduces the extraordinary artists who made the Renaissance famous – and the bold Reformers who shaped the world of Christendom. This session aims to equip and inspire educators, parents, and students. 


Modern History that Shook the World—Linda Hobar    Workshop Handout

Want to better understand the headlines? Need to study modern history at home? Then you should attend “Modern History That Shook the World!” Join Linda Lacour Hobar, author of the award-winning series, The Mystery of History, as she recounts world-shaking events from the 20th century to present time from a biblical worldview. With vivid snapshots of the Cold War, the Formation of Israel, the War in Korea, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Fall of the Berlin Wall, and much more, students and teachers will not only be challenged to understand the past, but be better equipped to interpret today’s news and make stronger leaders for tomorrow.  Don’t miss this fast-paced, fact-filled, fifty-five minutes of modern history!


Saturday, June 3rd


Four Things to Know About Dinosaurs—Mike Riddle    Workshop Handout

Dinosaurs have fascinated man ever since the first fossil was discovered. In this workshop, Mike Riddle will answer four important questions. Where did these mighty beasts come from? When did they live, and what happened to them? Are they mentioned in the Bible?


Critical Thinking Skills—Mike Riddle    Workshop Handout

Proponents of evolution often apply intimidating techniques in discussion and debate. Join Mike Riddle as he demonstrates how to employ critical thinking skills for disarming the arguments of evolutionists. You will be equipped with three critical thinking questions, The Power Question, and will also learn how to identify red-flag words. 


The Bible and Time—Mike Riddle    Workshop Handout

If you’ve ever wondered about the age of the earth and how it relates to the Bible, then this workshop, presented by Mike Riddle, is just for you. Using hermeneutics and the rules of interpretation, Mike will explain the meaning of “day” as it is used in various Scripture passages. 


Two Power Questions—Mike Riddle    Workshop Handout

Where did matter come from to create the universe? How did life originate? Join Mike Riddle as he addresses these two power questions and applies critical thinking in finding the answers. In this workshop you’ll be equipped to make logical deductions for reasonable beliefs.


Answers to BIG Challenges—Mike Riddle    Workshop Handout

Have you ever been asked a challenging question so big that you did not even know where to start in answering it? If you’ve ever thought that perhaps you needed to empty your brain in order to walk a faith-filled Christian life, then this workshop will restore your confidence. Join Mike Riddle as he walks through the logical answers to BIG questions about the Bible and science.

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