Workshop Schedule

Convention Workshops


The following workshops are scheduled for the upcoming CHOIS Convention this June 2017.  Vendor workshops will be added soon, so please check back!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Keynote 8:45-10:00
• Be Strong and Courageous—Mike Smith

Workshop I  11:00-12:00
• Balancing Responsibilities for the Busy Homeschool Family—Mike Smith
• Jessica’s Gems for Beginners—Jessica Hulcy
• Nurturing Brave Writers—Julie Bogart
• Identifying and Correcting Blocked Learning Gates—Pamela Gates
• Parenting Heart to Heart—Elizabeth Smith
• Curriculum, Transcripts, Diplomas…oh my!—Linda Patchin

Workshop II 1:30-2:30
• The Power of Praise with our Children—Mike Smith
• Teaching the Child Rather than the Curriculum—Jessica Hulcy
• Partnership Writing: Becoming your Child’s Effective Coach—Julie Bogart
• Teaching the Right Brain Child—Pamela Gates
• Getting them Ready to Learn and to Love it—Elizabeth Smith
• Battle for the Next Generation—Mike Riddle

Workshop III 3:00-4:00
• How do we Measure Success in Homeschooling?—Mike Smith
• Discovery Learning Fosters Critical Thinking—Jessica Hulcy
• Help for High School Writing—Julie Bogart
• Smart Kids who Hate to Write—Pamela Gates
• Preschool from the Ground Up—Copper Webb
• Educating for Success—Mike Riddle

Keynote 5:15-6:15
• Priorities: Things I Wish I’d Done Differently—Jessica Hulcy

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Keynote 8:45-10:00
• Bearing Witness—Barry Peters

Workshop I 11:00-12:00
• The Angry Child: What Ticks Johnny Off?—Mike Smith
• High School: Mentoring the Head and the Heart—Jessica Hulcy
• The Enchanted Education—Julie Bogart
• Training the Photographic Memory—Pamela Gates
• Teaching your Kids the Christian Worldview—Jeralynne Bobinski
• When Bible History and World History Meet Face to Face—Linda Hobar

Workshop II 1:30-2:30
• What can Dads Do to Make Mom Successful in Homeschooling?—Mike Smith
• Teaching Everyone Together to Build Family and Stay Sane—Jessica Hulcy
• Creating a Language-Rich Lifestyle—Julie Bogart
• Dyslexia and other Reading Problems—Pamela Gates
• Balancing Home, Marriage, and Homeschooling—Elizabeth Smith
• Balancing the Joys and Trials of Homeschooling While Working (Discussion Group)—Amy Vassar

Workshop III 3:00-4:00
• Homeschooling & Parental Rights: Freedom under Fire—Mike Smith
• Training the Will of a Child: How to Bend the Tree without Breaking the Branch—Elizabeth Smith
• Updating Charlotte Mason to the 21st Century—Julie Bogart
• The Biology of Behavior—Pamela Gates
• Mary and Martha Decide to Homeschool—Linda Hobar
• Your Job as a Support Group Leader—Jessica Hulcy

Keynote 5:15-6:15
• Homeschooling: Why Stay the Course?—Jessica Hulcy

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