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The following workshops are scheduled for the CHOIS Convention this June 2017.
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Friday, June 2, 2017

Keynote 8:45-10:00
• Be Strong and Courageous—Mike Smith

Workshop I  11:00-12:00
• Balancing Responsibilities for the Busy Homeschool Family—Mike Smith
• Jessica’s Gems for Beginners—Jessica Hulcy
• Nurturing Brave Writers—Julie Bogart
• Identifying and Correcting Blocked Learning Gates—Pamela Gates
• Parenting Heart to Heart—Elizabeth Smith
• Curriculum, Transcripts, Diplomas…oh my!—Linda Patchin

Vendor Workshop 12:45-1:15
• Math You Hate becomes Math-U-Love—MathUSee
• Scientific Evidence and Biblical Teaching—Northwest Science Museum
• The Resurrection of Jesus—Idaho Baptist College
• Guiding Children Through the Great Books—Ambrose Bridge Program
• Training Character for Greatness—Blue Manor Academy

Workshop II 1:30-2:30
• The Power of Praise with our Children—Mike Smith
• Teaching the Child Rather than the Curriculum—Jessica Hulcy
• Partnership Writing: Becoming your Child’s Effective Coach—Julie Bogart
• Teaching the Right Brain Child—Pamela Gates
• Getting them Ready to Learn and to Love it—Elizabeth Smith
• Battle for the Next Generation—Mike Riddle

Workshop III 3:00-4:00
• How do we Measure Success in Homeschooling?—Mike Smith
• Discovery Learning Fosters Critical Thinking—Jessica Hulcy
• Help for High School Writing—Julie Bogart
• Smart Kids who Hate to Write—Pamela Gates
• Preschool from the Ground Up—Copper Webb
• Educating for Success—Mike Riddle

Keynote 5:15-6:15
• Priorities: Things I Wish I’d Done Differently—Jessica Hulcy

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Keynote 8:45-10:00
• Bearing Witness—Barry Peters

Workshop I 11:00-12:00
• The Angry Child: What Ticks Johnny Off?—Mike Smith
• High School: Mentoring the Head and the Heart—Jessica Hulcy
• The Enchanted Education—Julie Bogart
• Training the Photographic Memory—Pamela Gates
• Balancing Home, Marriage, and Homeschooling—Elizabeth Smith
• When Bible History and World History Meet Face to Face—Linda Hobar

Vendor Workshop 12:45-1:15
• Techniques for Teaching Speech—Winsome
• Practicing the Art of a Classical Day—Classical Conversations
• Sew it Reversible—Quilting and Sewing on the Grid
• Discipling Faith in the Family—YWAM
• Impacting the World from Your Homeschool—Samaritan’s Purse

Workshop II 1:30-2:30
• What can Dads Do to Make Mom Successful in Homeschooling?—Mike Smith
• Teaching Everyone Together to Build Family and Stay Sane—Jessica Hulcy
• Creating a Language-Rich Lifestyle—Julie Bogart
• Dyslexia and other Reading Problems—Pamela Gates
• Teaching your Kids the Christian Worldview—Jeralynne Bobinski
• How One Person Can Make a Difference—Elizabeth Smith

Workshop III 3:00-4:00
• Homeschooling & Parental Rights: Freedom under Fire—Mike Smith
• Training the Will of a Child: How to Bend the Tree without Breaking the Branch—Elizabeth Smith
• Updating Charlotte Mason to the 21st Century—Julie Bogart
• The Biology of Behavior—Pamela Gates
• Mary and Martha Decide to Homeschool—Linda Hobar
• Your Job as a Support Group Leader—Jessica Hulcy

Keynote 5:15-6:15
• Homeschooling: Why Stay the Course?—Jessica Hulcy

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