Workshop Schedule

Convention Workshops


Below is a partial list of the workshops scheduled for the upcoming CHOIS Convention this June 2015.  We are constantly adding to this list, so check back and see who is coming to our convention.

Friday, June 5, 2015


Keynote 8:45-10:15
• Me? Homeschool?—Carman

Workshop I  10:45-11:45
• The A to Z of a Character Healthy Homeschool—Megan Scheibner
• Living Outside the Normal Box—Carman
• Creation Geology: The Key to Unraveling he Past—Nurre
• Homeschooling: The Great Adventure—Patchin
• Become a Student of your Students—Bobinski
• Adoption and the Homeschooling Family—Ostyn

Workshop II 1:30-2:30
• Character Matters—Steve Scheibner
• The Character Conscious Mom—Megan Scheibner
• That Child—Carman
• The Inside Scoop: What College Professors Want your Graduate to Know—Vassar
• The Little Years—Webb
• Considering Adoption?—Ostyn (Moderated Discussion Group)

Workshop III 3:00-4:00
• Egyptian Chronology and the Bible—Nurre
• When Doubt Creeps In—Carman
• Greandparenting with Purpose—Scheibners
• Remind me Again Why I am Homeschooling My Teens—Patchin
• Creating the Optimal Learning Environment—Bobinski
• Letters for Little Ones—Webb

Keynote 4:30-6:00
• Living on Borrowed Time: The Nine Practices of the Proactive Parent—Scheibner


Saturday June 7, 2014


Check in 8:00-8:30
Children Check-in 8:15

Keynote 8:45-10:15
• The Put-off/Put-on of Parenting—Scheibner

Workshop I 10:45-11:45
• Toddler Toolbox—Megan Scheibner
• Teaching Your Kids to BLESS—Carman
• Going from Strength to Strength—Ostyn
• Choosing Curriculum and Teaching Methods—Patchin
• Removing Obstacles to Success—Bobinski
• Grandparents and Homeschooling—(Moderated Discussion Group)

Workshop II 1:30-2:30
• 2ML Second Mile Leadership for Men—Steve Scheibner
• Stop Wrestling and Start Resting—Carman
• Woman to Woman: The Mentoring Model—Megan Scheibner
• STEM for the Little Years—Webb
• Conflict Resolution for Families—Bobinski
• How to Identify those Rocks your Kids Bring Home—Nurre

Workshop III 3:00-4:00
• Marriage, Communication and Friendship—Scheibner
• Seven Simple Steps to Sanity—Carman
• Yellowstone National Park Through the Lens of Scripture—Nurre
• Curriculum, Transcripts, Diplomas…oh my!—Patchin
• Music at Home–Reiswig
• Beekeeping as an Educational Pursuit—Frederick

Keynote 4:30-6:00
* How to Have a HEART for your Kids—Carman

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