Corral Clutter in a Shoe Bag

Corral Homeschool Clutter in a Shoe Bag

by Copper Webb


Our homeschool has young students, and we do a lot of hands-on activities throughout the day. Unfortunately, hands-on activities require things for students to put in their hands. Art supplies, math manipulatives, game pieces, craft materials, writing utensils, the list goes on and on. Who knew that homeschooling required so much stuff?


I often grew frustrated at the amount of stuff strewn around our homeschool room. I like things to be neat and orderly, and clutter can be an irritation. A $10 purchase at Walmart has brought so much organization and peace to our homeschool room this year, and it came in the form of a shoe bag.


Organize homeschool clutter in a shoe bag.



I hung the shoe bag on the back of the coat closet door in our school room. In the lower pockets are items that I want my preschooler to be able to get and put away easily. Higher pockets hold items that my older sons need to access. The very top row of pockets, out of reach of all of my children, hold items like permanent markers and sharp scissors, items that require permission from mom to be able to use.


The shoe bag gives us a place for everything, even tiny little things like fuzzy pompoms. And one of my favorite parts? When I close the closet door, I don’t have to see any of it. 🙂


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