Gratitude and Remembrance Idaho’s Homeschool History


Gratitude and Remembrance


by Audra Talley


Earlier this year, the CHOIS convention hosted a display designed by ICHE, chronicling Idaho’s turbulent home school history. It is one in which people took a stand, fought for their rights, and won. It made Idaho one of the best and freest sates in which to home educate. I was home schooled in the midst of those tumultuous days. I was young and geographically removed from much of it, but I recalled faint memories of the events that shaped the early days of home schooling in this state. There was little of significance in those memories, just a distant recollection of my parents being distantly involved in the home school politics of the time. The more I read the more I was filled with relief that rather than being caught up in the midst of the battles, I was benefitting from them: I was home schooled; I was standing among hundreds of other likeminded folk; and, I am home schooling my own children! What a blessed history! I was overwhelmed with gratitude to God for the way His fingerprints were all over our history, to the people who stood and risked so much, and to those around me that day that are remaining faithful to that legacy.


Flash forward six months. I am enjoying this school year, but also fondly remembering the easier, simple days of our summer break. Even in year four of my own home school adventure, I am trepidatious. I often feel totally inadequate, too tired, too overwhelmed, too . . . just everything. Some days home schooling seems like a battle (physical, emotional, spiritual, you name it). Every year I shed tears. I love home schooling, but it is the most difficult job I have ever had. The stakes are high and I want to be found faithful: to God’s calling in this area and to our home school legacy.


Since the convention I have been fighting those battles by looking back. As I stood there last June, looking back into my own home school history, I was thankful to my Father for His faithfulness. He worked miracles to bring this state to where it is now. He worked in the lives of those who chose to stand up for our right to educate our children. He worked in my life, giving me parents who valued home education. And He is working today in the lives of my own children as they inherit the blessings of our history.


“O give thanks unto the Lord; call upon his name: make known his deeds among the people. Sing unto him, sing psalms unto him: talk ye of all his wondrous works. Glory ye in his holy name: let the heart of them rejoice that seek the Lord.  Seek the Lord, and his strength: seek his face evermore. Remember his marvelous works that he hath done; his wonders, and the judgments of his mouth.” Psalm 105:1-5



Audra Talley was born and raised in Idaho, was homeschooled K-12, and graduated from CofI with a degree in political science and history. She is currently a full time domestic engineer and homeschooling momma. Married to the man of her dreams for nearly 12 years, Audra and her husband have four children (16, 8, 6, almost 4 years of age). The youngest is the only girl in the bunch. The Talley Family loves spending time together and does lots of fishing, camping, hiking (anything outdoors). Calling Nampa home, Audra is involved in her church, various home school activities, and whatever adventures pop up.

Committed to helping parents fulfill their God-given right and responsibility to educate their own children.