How do we Stop the Common Core?

How do we Stop the Common Core?

How do we stop the Common Core?

HSLDA is actively working on this issue to protect homeschooling freedoms. But the Common Core can only be stopped if citizens in every state demand that their representatives block the standards. What should YOU do?

1. Contact your state legislators immediately.

Governors and boards of education have committed some states to the full implementation of the Common Core by the 2013-14 school year, but your representatives can still stop the Common Core. State legislatures can defund the implementation of the Common Core as the Michigan Legislature did. Or follow the example of the Texas Legislature and reject the Common Core by prohibiting school districts from basing curricula or tests on the standards.

Please inform your legislators of the dangers that the Common Core poses to educational freedom and ask them to defund or reject it.

Find your Legislator at

2. Contact your federal representatives.

The Race to the Top program is still receiving money through annual resolutions passed by Congress. Ask your federal representatives to introduce or support legislation that will cut off further Race to the Top funding and stop the involvement of federal bureaucrats in education.

3. Spread the word.

Inform your friends about the dangers of the Common Core and ask them to join you in speaking out against it. Go to the website for infographics and other tools for sharing.

For tips, talking points, and sample letters, go to

4. Stay in touch with HSLDA

We are monitoring the status of the Common Core in every state, and will alert you to important legislation pending in your state. You can sign up for HSLDA updates at


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