Laundry Tips

Laundry Tips for Homeschooling Families

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the ever-growing Mount Laundry?
We asked our community of Idaho homeschooling moms how they conquer the laundry in their homes.
In a collection as diverse as each family, here are some of their best tips:


Enlist the Troops


We converted the upstairs linen closet into a laundry closet. The shelves were re-built to hold laundry baskets, and each basket held a designated type of laundry (whites, gentle wash, jeans, etc.). Every night, the children brought their dirty clothes to the closet and sorted their clothes into the baskets. (This method also helped keep bedrooms cleaner!) Each child was assigned a laundry day, and it was their job to wash, dry, fold, and put away one basket of laundry. – Cheri R.


My kiddos are old enough that they are learning to do their own laundry. I assigned them each a day to do their own laundry and they have to wash, dry, fold and put away (hubby too!). Then on my open days I wash blankets, towels, diapers, etc. – Kati W.


Since they were relatively young, my girls have each done their own laundry. At first they just dumped it all in together on cold. As they got older and it mattered more, they separated. I do mine and my husband’s. And, I TRY to get the girls to do a load of towels here and there. Having them do it changed my life! I no longer had to fold and then look in their drawers and see what a mess it was and get frustrated. It was life changing for me! Probably more washing then needed to be done, but it made a huge difference on how successful I felt. – Jilann C.


For a while each kid got a very large mesh laundry bag. They filled it with their own dirty clothes each night. When it was full, they tossed the whole thing into the washer themselves with their siblings’ bags and when we pulled them out of the dryer, everything was already sorted and ready to be folded. The only issue was that I needed to remind them to wash their clothes several times a week because the bags were small. Now, each kid has one day a week for laundry. THEY bring it down, start the laundry, and switch it themselves. After bedtime, I fold it and leave it at the bottom of the stairs in piles. In the morning, the kids come down, grab their piles, and put them away. My children are four and six years old. – Kelly Jo E.



I used to have one child (teenage boy) do all laundry, about one load per day, occasionally an extra one, and no laundry on Sundays. With six boys and only one girl, clothes could generally be all washed together, no sorting needed. We ditched folding some time ago, because it was a huge waste of time (except for towels and things of that nature), and he would just sort everything out and kids would put away their own. Recently we changed that up as he got behind, as he is busy with more chores during the day, and he still gets clothes into the washing machine (again, each person has their own day, with laundry from bathrooms being done on Mondays, and three of the little boys getting theirs done together) and then into the dryer. Then the 3, 5, 6 and 8 year old sort. They can get several baskets sorted in no time flat  Everyone puts up their own, with the 3 year old getting help, and then they fold and put up towels and such. This is working well. Socks are a different matter entirely.  – Rachel S.

One Day Wonder


I do laundry one day a week. My oldest does his own laundry, but the rest of the family laundry is done on Monday. It takes me 7 loads to do everything, and it is washed, dry, and put away before bed. I ignore laundry the rest of the week unless someone gets sick or something. I also started adding trisodium phosphate to my washer, since they removed phosphorus from laundry detergent. It gets my clothes crazy clean, and cleans the inside of my machine. – Amber H.


Not sure if this is a tip, but . . . our laundry room is super small so we moved our dirty laundry hampers into the garage which is right next to the laundry room. We bought an area rug, three huge hampers and a shelving unit to make it functional. Having huge hampers means the piles don’t overflow like they use to and we can actually walk in the laundry room without having dirty clothes as a floor mat. LOVE IT! – Lynn B.


My laundry style is unconventional. I let it stack up for a week, do most of it in a day, put all the piles on our master bedroom closet floors, and sort each child’s clothes. Then the children come in take their piles and put them away. It’s a little crazy but it works for us.  – Lindsey T.

Divide and Conquer

I do laundry on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Sheets and odd things on the weekend. All of it gets folded straight out of the dryer and put on my bed, then everyone helps put it away in the evening. – Katherine E.


We have had several methods over the years. Currently we have kids bring the dirties down to the laundry room where they sort it. We do three loads on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. On Saturday we do at least double that number. The kids are trained on how to use the machines and which clothes need a gentle wash, etc. The kids fold their own clothes and pitch in for the adults. Once they graduate and/or get jobs they can pay the youngers to fold their laundry if needed because of the busy schedule. It is a win for all of us this way. I usually start the loads and change them over during this school year. It seems to work for now. But who know what will work for next year!!! – Renea U.


I do bedding once a week on Tuesday. I wash diapers on Wednesday and Friday without fail. That takes most of a morning, but, if needed, I throw my towels in before lunch on diaper days. The other weekdays I try to do at least a load a day. I have seven people in my home so this works well.  I fold during nap time; or make the beds if it is a bedding day! – Tabitha M.


With a family of soon to be seven, we do one load a day of regular clothes/jammies (Except for Sundays. No laundry on the Sabbath! lol). No, I do not separate by color unless it is something new and dark that needs to be washed separately. We usually wash towels twice a week and a load of sheets once a week. All laundry is folded and put away the same day so we don’t end up with a mountain of clean laundry hanging out in the basket. – Lacey A.


I do a load a day. I gather up my load of laundry before going to bed and put it in the washer. In the morning I add detergent to the washer and start it. Then I have the rest of the day to dry and fold. For whatever reason, having it already in the washer in the morning makes it much easier to get my one load done! – Whitney S.


In our householod of nine, we run one load of clothing a day plus a load of towels or bedding depending on the day. The kids fold towels and put away. For bedding, kids take it off then bring it to me; then I wash the bedding and they remake beds. For clothing, I fold just because I like to make sure I’m not sending clothes with stains to be put away. But once I’ve fold and sort the kids put clothes away. – Sharon C.


Break the Mold


Having a family closet in our utility room saves us so much time. We have one long rod and each person has a different hanger color for their clothes. Socks/undies go into stacking organizer drawers. We also have a laundry basket for tossing in items that are too small, need mending or are stained. Hubby is building a cabinet to put our front loaders onto so we can fit the laundry baskets beneath. Really looking forward to that!   – Michelle A.


Everyone has a bin! I also separate linens/towels in their own bins as well! I try to do laundry every few days. I hate folding so in the bin they go and my kids know where to get their clothes. It isn’t the most “traditional” way to do it but it works for me! – Melissa D.


Family Closet for the WIN! We have 3 daughters all around the same size, so we have bins on shelves. The best part is NO FOLDING. We have some laundry line for hanging things as well. – Niccole P.

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