Studying Outside the Box

Studying Outside the Box


by Abigail Prigge


The classroom setting. It’s a necessary thing, but do you ever shake it up? Would you judge me if I told you I’ve done schoolwork on the couch, or *gasp* in my bed first thing in the morning?


Kitchen tables and desks are splendid, but you have to agree that the location of learning doesn’t matter as much as the discipline to get it done!


Ever tried these fun spots?


Trampoline – There is something inspiring about sun soaking with your textbook. Exercise breaks are incredibly convenient when the trampoline is beneath you.


Someone Else’s House – Ever visited someone else’s homeschool? It’s definitely inspiring to watch how another family does school. I’ve found that studying with a friend is an awesome incentive. Also, let’s talk about the scholarly hours that happen at Grandma’s house. Grandma’s free tutoring (and free cookies) are great. Who knew that she could ace Algebra?


A Random Cement Slab – We owned a pile of rocks on the fringe of our property leftover from a building project. One particular cement slab tilted at a jaunty angle, just right for a lounge position. On this island in the midst of trees and weeds, math and I progressed together. Random cement slabs still make me think of math today. Do you have a spot in your yard that was perhaps designed just for you?


The Sand Pile – We also had a temporary ginormous pile of sand used in our building process. It’s therapeutic to bury your feet in cool sand and then study science or literature. With a little imagination, it was like education on the beach.


Your Brother’s Desk – Not sure why, but it’s more fun to study at someone else’s desk for a change. I’m sure your siblings won’t mind as long as you don’t take their pencils. A fresh place provides a fresh outlook. (Seriously, though, don’t take their pencils if you want to live long.)


Maybe most of your education happens at a desk, but it’s nice to have the freedom to move around and enjoy a variety of settings. One of the great things about home education is that you aren’t limited to a classroom all of the time.


Where is your favorite place to study?



Abigail Prigge is a freelance writer and homeschool grad from the enchanting Idaho’s Treasure Valley. She is the founder of A Time 2 Write, where she blogs and coaches writing. She enjoys making cards, quoting Jane Austen, studying God’s Word, playing volleyball, skiing at Bogus Basin, and coffee dates.

Committed to helping parents fulfill their God-given right and responsibility to educate their own children.