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A Cup of Encouragement: C-A-T Spells Dog?

  C-A-T spells dog? If you’ve ever taught a little one to read you know how exciting and frustrating it can be. They might sail through, sounding out words with ease and the very next day can barely sound out c-a-t. For the teacher it is a lesson in patience to be sure… and I may or may not have nodded off a time or two during reading time. I remember sitting with my little Emma, listening to her struggle

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The Most Important Question

The Most Important Question by Cheri Reiswig September has faded and October is here, We are now in the rhythm of a new school year. Books line shelves, prepared lessons lie in store, Much time was spent filing and sorting and planning galore. “She’s good in phonics, but not so in math, He’s already bent toward a scientific path.” “This one’s a scholar, this one’s not, Because everything from last year he’s already forgot.” Schedules and Worksheets and Tables and Rules, Planners and Flash Cards and

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