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Can I Homeschool My Special Needs Child?

Yes, You CAN Homeschool Your Special Needs Child! by Heidi Forney   You suspect that your child has or may have various special needs.   Or maybe they have already been diagnosed?   Special needs may be emotional, physical, medical, developmental, behavioral, or any combination.   Does this change your plans? You have always intended on homeschooling.  Or maybe you are already homeschooling your other children.   Or perhaps you may have your children in public or private school and are thinking, “Maybe there

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How do we Stop the Common Core?

How do we Stop the Common Core?

How do we stop the Common Core? HSLDA is actively working on this issue to protect homeschooling freedoms. But the Common Core can only be stopped if citizens in every state demand that their representatives block the standards. What should YOU do? 1. Contact your state legislators immediately. Governors and boards of education have committed some states to the full implementation of the Common Core by the 2013-14 school year, but your representatives can still stop the Common Core. State

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Common Core FAQ’s Part 12

Common Core FAQ's Part 12

Common Core FAQ’s Part 12: Question #12: Who opposes the Common Core and why? Answer: Education professionals, policy analysts, and government officials center their critiques of the Common Core on four points. First, the standards are academically deficient. Three of five members of the Common Core Validation Committee who refused to validate the standards have published reports condemning their academic merit. One of the reports concludes that the Common Core English Language Arts standards do not make students “college-and career-ready,”

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Common Core FAQ’s Part 11

Common Core FAQ's Part 11

Common Core FAQ’s Part 11 Question #11: Who supports the Common Core and why? Answer: The support of liberals such as Joel Stein (former chancellor of the New York City Schools) and Michelle Rhee (former chancellor of the District of Columbia Public Schools) for the Common Core is not surprising. But several prominent conservatives are also backing the Common Core. Supporters of the Common Core such as Chester E. Finn, Jr., president of the Fordham Institute, Jeb Bush, and Chris

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Common Core FAQ’s Part 10

Common Core FAQ's Part 10

Common Core FAQ’s Part 10 Question 10: Does the Common Core include a national database? Answer: All 50 states have had statewide longitudinal databases in place to track their students’ scores on assessments for the past decade. Yet the authors of the Common Core are clear: The success of the standards hinges on the increased collection of student data—including demographics and postsecondary education performance—from preschool through the workforce.16 States that have adopted the Common Core to receive race to the

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Common Core FAQ’s Part 9

Common Core FAQ's Part 9

Common Core FAQ’s Part 9 Question #9: Does it matter that testing is being aligned with the Common Core? Answer: Proponents of the Common Core, including U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, emphasize the need to imitate some countries with high-ranking education systems by creating consistent assessments across the country that measure student progress through open-ended and research-based questions.14 This has spurred the federal government to fund a set of nationalized tests aligned with the Common Core. Two consortia of

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Common Core FAQ’s Part 8

Common Core FAQ's Part 8

Common Core FAQ’s Part 8 Question 8: Does the Common Core lead to a national curriculum? Answer: The consortia receiving millions from the federal government to write standardized assessments for the Common Core are also being paid to produce curriculum guides for their combined 42 member states. The Performance Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) consortium is developing “model instructional units” for teachers, and the SMARTER Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) promised to build “curriculum materials…to support states’ transition

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Common Core FAQ’s Part 7

Common Core FAQ's Part 7

Common Core FAQ’s Part 7 Question 7: Will the Common Core impact homeschools and private schools? Answer: The Common Core will impact homeschools and private schools in at least three ways. First, designers of the expanded statewide longitudinal databases fully intend to collect data about homeschool and private school students. Second, college admissions standards will be affected: Common Core standards for college readiness will be used by institutions of higher learning to determine whether or not a student is ready

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Common Core FAQ’s Part 6

Common Core FAQ's Part 6

Common Core FAQ’s Part 6 Question #6: Is there any evidence that centralized education works better than decentralized education? Answer: In the United States, experimenting with centralized reform has done almost nothing to improve the performance of students. From 1971 to 2008, American students’ scores on the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) mathematics assessments have only improved 3.4% and reading scores just 1%, despite billions of federal education dollars spent.6 In 2011, the Cato Institute found that the achievement

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Common Core FAQ’s Part 5

Common Core FAQ's Part 5

Common Core FAQ’s Part 5 Question #5: Does the Common Core provide for individualized education? Answer: The Department of Education has praised the Common Core for its focus on “computer adaptive testing” to supply teachers with data so that they can adjust their teaching styles and provide their students with individualized instruction.4 But in practice, the Common Core’s rigid and technology-laden approach to learning makes individualized education almost impossible. The Common Core standards require students to master a checklist of

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