Teens, Three Ways to Bless this Christmas Season

Three Ways to Bless
this Christmas Season


Three Ways to Bless

by Abigail Prigge


The pie and turkey have just barely disappeared and my 5-year-old sister has Christmas on her mind full throttle. In spite of her meager budget, she has asked me at least three times what’s on my wish list and she bounces around the house reminding everyone that the joyous day will soon be here.

Most teens don’t feel the same magical wonder that 5-year-olds experience about December, but you still have tremendous power to make it a blessing to others. What are ways you can shine your light this season?


1. Direct a Christmas Play

My play directing career wasn’t always a roaring success. Once a shepherd missed the memo that the chair by the manger was designated for Mary and Mary cried during the entire Nativity scene and the narrator giggled. No matter how it turns out, everyone appreciates a reenactment. The younger siblings and cousins will relish a chance to dress up like wise men and the relatives enjoy the show even if the angel doesn’t have wings yet or Mary sobs.


2. Play Music for Your Grandparents

If your grandparents missed your last recital, they’d like nothing better than to hear the pieces you spent hours perfecting. Your accomplishments (and you) make them smile.


3. Dwell on the Words to Christmas Carols

Have you ever re-watched a movie you used to love as a kid but now you actually understand all the lines and jokes? Christmas music can be like that too. If you’ve grown up with the familiar songs, you may unconsciously tune them out. You know, you misheard “Let nothing you dismay” as “Let nothing through the May” or you just never stopped to comprehend what songs besides “Away in the Manger” meant. A few years ago I began really listening to and meditating on the words to Christmas carols. There are some powerful, Gospel-centered lyrics! My favorite: “Long lay the world in sin and error pining, then He appeared and the soul felt its worth” (O Holy Night).

Jesus is the reason I have worth and the reason I can joyfully serve this Christmas season by washing dishes, casting children for roles as sheep, playing the piano or retelling my wish-list once again to my 5-year-old sister.


Abigail Prigge is a freelance writer and homeschool grad from the enchanting Idaho’s Treasure Valley. She is the founder of A Time 2 Write where she blogs and coaches writing. She enjoys making cards, quoting Jane Austen, studying God’s Word, playing volleyball, skiing at Bogus Basin, and coffee dates.

Committed to helping parents fulfill their God-given right and responsibility to educate their own children.