The Ultimate Homeschooler’s Guide to Board Games


The Ultimate

Homeschooler’s Guide to Board Games

(Organized by Subject!)


by Kathleen Bretton


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What makes a quality board game? It doesn’t have to be difficult, burst brain cells or take a weekend to play to be an engaging board game. A quality board game – often referred to as being German, Euro or hobby – generally has little reliance on luck, no player elimination and ends when the winner is a foregone conclusion. Monopoly fails on all of these counts. You roll a die and, if you’re lucky enough to land on a property, you buy it. So, it’s mostly luck-based with no real decisions. After 15 minutes, we all know who is going to win, but it may take hours of rolling for the laws of probability to finally work out. Meanwhile, the poor guy who was eliminated after 30 minutes sits bored, watching the mad dice-rolling for hours.


Below, I whipped up a list of good titles in various subject areas for your enjoyment. Most of these are very good games. Others may not be amazing, but are good for learning. Some of the more budget-friendly titles are Scrambled States of America, Loot, Sushi Go!, Hey That’s My Fish and Forbidden Island.


Scrambled States of America Expedition: Famous Explorers Ten Days in [Africa, Asia, Europe, Americas, USA] Ticket to Ride Brass
Math’d Potatoes Loot Can’t Stop Rat-a-Tat Cat Number Chase
Scotland Yard The Resistance Mr. Jack Sleuth Codenames
Race for the Galaxy Splendor Power Grid Agricola Acquire
Strategy, Light Weight
Hey, That’s My Fish Patchwork Quarto Sushi Go! Get Bit
Strategy, Medium Weight
King of New York Carcassonne Tiny Epic Galaxies (Kingdoms, Defenders, Western, Quest) Dominion Alhambra
Strategy, Heavy Weight
Puerto Rico The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game The Castles of Burgundy Tigris & Euphrates Steam
Forbidden Island Forbidden Desert Shadows Over Camelot Pandemic Flash Point: Fire Rescue
Robot Turtles RoboRally Code Master Bazaar Compounded
Games for Little Players
Gobblet Gobblers Ribbit Spot It! Enchanted Forest Labyrinth
Chronology Timeline Catan Histories: Settlers of America Trails to Rails 7 Wonders Lewis & Clark The Expedition


Kathleen Bretton lives in Boise, Idaho and has been homeschooling for seven years.  When not homeschooling, Kathleen can be found playing board games, camping, cooking, skiing, researching genealogy, traveling or pursuing some other random hobby.  Her mission is to infect the homeschooling community with the board gaming bug.

Committed to helping parents fulfill their God-given right and responsibility to educate their own children.