What to Expect at the CHOIS Convention

What to Expect at the CHOIS Convention

We are so excited that you are going to be our guest at the convention this year! We understand that attending the convention for the first time can be a bit overwhelming. It’s a bit of a 3-ring circus with six workshops running simultaneously, an open exhibit hall selling products, curriculum services, resources, toys and more. There is a lot to see and do!

Let us help by giving you some tips to help make your experience at the convention more enjoyable.


You will find great convention information on the CHOIS website Convention FAQs

The convention tab on the website includes information such as

Speaker bios
Workshop schedule
Workshop descriptions
Workshop handouts
Participating Exhibitors
Silent auction donors
Concessions information
Hotel discount-block information
Details about our children’s and teen’s programs

Review the workshop schedule and highlight any sessions that you would most like to hear in person, and making notes of those you may want to purchase recordings to listen to later. Planning ahead can reduce last-minute decision-making stress, or the disappointment associated with missing a workshop that you really wanted to hear.


When you arrive at the convention please stop first at the registration tables to pick up your nametags, convention program, welcome bag and information about the children’s program if your child is pre-registered.

At registration there will be alphabetized lines for those who are pre-registered, and a line for those who wish to register at-the-door.

Everyone must check-in to pick up name badges, which we request be worn at all times, particularly if you have children enrolled in the children’s program.


The first keynote session begins promptly at 8:45 on Friday morning. All of our attendees (except children) will gather in the Sanctuary to hear our keynote presenter. We conclude each day with another keynote session which begins at 4:30.

Our workshops are specially selected to offer encouragement, inspiration, ideas, information and help without requiring the use of a particular product, service or curriculum.

All workshops are open seating. It is not necessary to sign up to attend workshops that you wish to hear. We do ask that children not take seats in the smaller workshop rooms unless the workshop has begun and there are no other adults who wish to take a seat.


The exhibit hall is completely filled with vendors. It is open from 10-5 each day. Each booth representative is an expert on the products that they are carrying so feel free to ask them as many questions as you would like.

To minimize feeling overwhelmed in the exhibit hall, it can be really helpful to start by walking through the entire hall, aisle by aisle, checking out various booths as you go, to get a big picture overview of what’s available.

Attend keynote sessions and workshops. Take time to pray, think, compare and discuss with your spouse and friends. Decide what you really want before you buy.

It helps to come to the convention with a list of the items that you really need to purchase, and begin there. Once you have all of your essentials, if you have any left-over budget, it’s time to shop for extra items for your classroom.


Consider purchasing recordings of all keynotes and workshops that appeal to you, which come individually or as a set. They can be purchased at the CandA Media display right outside of the Sanctuary doors.


All children in our children’s program must be pre-registered to attend. Please notice our check-in and check-out times in the convention program. It is important to pick your children up promptly as our teen volunteers need to eat and have a break. Please stay for our children’s program presentation at the conclusion of the final keynote session. It is unforgettable!


Parents are welcome to attend as much of our teen program as they would like.


Convention weekend is jam-packed with workshops to attend and exhibitor booths to browse. There is a lot to see and do and we want you to enjoy the weekend and get the most out of your time with us.
Take breaks.
Take time to sit, read through the convention program, and chat with your spouse, friends and fellow attendees.
Drink plenty of water!
Take time for lunch and snacks.
Wear comfortable shoes.
Notice our many teen volunteers, and thank them for their service.
Look for some amazing bargains in our Silent Auction!
Arrive early so that you won’t feel rushed.
Make some new friends.
Rejoice, Reflect and be Renewed!

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